Happy 2nd Anniversary

Years have passed and another year is approaching.

After all the trials and difficulties we’ve face through the years passed it was proven how grateful and Bless i have you. I didn’t expect that we will stay strong together and now God is giving us another year for us to be more tough in-spite in the situation  we have now.

The situations being far away from each other, the one they called “LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP” .  But I know  its just a word, a title, the important here is what we do really feel  for each other.

Im thankful and Bless for GOD giving you in my life. There’s no words I can find in Google that can described how much I love you!.

Inspired by this I make this video as a simple collection of the passed years with love and love and more love … 🙂

Hoping for another years that GOD will provide. Just remember I love you and always will.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Hope you love and enjoy watching it.


Wait for you to come… :(

 How long i am waiting here
with holding the lamp of hope
you to come..
but autumn springs winters have passed,
snows melt,
little blossoms bloomed
you are not here yet
even i am so tired
after waiting for you
i am waiting for you still
since you are my dearest love

to : Froiland Jess Tagata ( tatay)


Day Before The Day

April 25, 2012 – Tatay departure date for Thailand’ Voyage.

Though I’ve known this plan for how many months now but still I  don’t agree with it but we have no choice. So  the day before that. We decided to set-up a small get together for us to bond just at least one Day .

So by April 24, 2012 exact date before departure. We went to Mabait Beach.

The sea shore was not that beautiful, it has pebbles instead of a sand.

The most adventurous thing happen to me on that palace is that ” we dont have a knife” I only use the trimmer ( thread scissor) for slicing the ingredients.

” Tabang ma.abtan ko ug siyam-siyam ani”..:(

It was pass 12 nn that all the food are served. Then after that…”bonding with Tatay”

Aaaahhhhh.. look at this….

We also meet a friend there..”two little star fish”

And Look at this ….. (below) were hanging on the tree top…My GOD it makes me shaver….

However, all this happy moments we spend together still have to end….

at the end I’m living alone …. far away from you….

All I’m holding now is your promises that you will soon came back for me…

with Froiland Jess Tagata