Happy 2nd Anniversary

Years have passed and another year is approaching.

After all the trials and difficulties we’ve face through the years passed it was proven how grateful and Bless i have you. I didn’t expect that we will stay strong together and now God is giving us another year for us to be more tough in-spite in the situation  we have now.

The situations being far away from each other, the one they called “LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP” .  But I know  its just a word, a title, the important here is what we do really feel  for each other.

Im thankful and Bless for GOD giving you in my life. There’s no words I can find in Google that can described how much I love you!.

Inspired by this I make this video as a simple collection of the passed years with love and love and more love … 🙂

Hoping for another years that GOD will provide. Just remember I love you and always will.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Hope you love and enjoy watching it.


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