Does He?????

The day is near but what is happening, Does He trying to test us? Does He trying to challenge us?
We are so close to the said moment but as the days come closer we have been facing different “moody ” things. I said to my mind , why those things are happening ??? why now??? why not before ??? All about a big ” ? ” . Now I was confuse whether he just doing this for a purpose ? Sometimes I feel like I was in the close room,suffocated and I want to get out, I want to scream, to shout out loud  … but what can I do I love him…Yes I really do I’m afraid of losing him ..  I know its was just being him, his attitude, his behavior , his personality who he really was and I choose to accept him so I have to swallow my pride and I know he is acting like this because maybe he feel the same way too.
It was so cute of having someone who cares you too much, who’s there for you, who make you happy but gives you so much pain 😀 hahaha ..But honestly I love and like what he is doing to me though they’re painful sometimes.
Now I do believed of “being too much in love can cause  you too much pain” .  But being in Love is the most happiest things I ever done and I choose him.
prayNow that the days are moving fast ” Lord help me decide, all I want is him, Lord help me make it through, Lord straighten me to ease all my heart ache every time me have misunderstanding , it kills me slowly. I know you are just testing us if we can survive, if we still hold each others hand …. All I know is that I love him so much….

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