It was the reason why I was too happy today.  My tatay posted in my Fb wall that makes me speechless and I don’t know how to responds on it.


Happy Monthsary Nay 🙂

It’s been a while since we’ve met and shared a moments of our lives…
Today is another day that will always reminds us how we start and became what we are now :)… Even though I have no songs to serenade you, nor flowers to offer you, but what I can give is a bunches of “thank you” for always there for me through my ups and downs, thank you for coming into my life, and thank you for the love and joy you gave to me. I know that life has so many twist and turn but one thing I can assure you I’m always be by your side – “hakuna matata”…
I hope and I pray that until the future, we’re going to share our memories and walk together “as one”.


I love re-re-reading it.  Although he keep saying those words to me a thousand times  but I still don’t know why this emotions that running to my veins and makes my heart beat faster.   All I know is that I love you so much tatay and you are always been welcome to me. Yes we have so many things and problems we faced but the good things on it is that we face it together. If we have misunderstanding, we’ve not let the days passed that way, we try to solve it asap. And it makes me proud of you.

And Yes hoping for the days to come that we are still like this “inlove” with each other so deeply and madly “as one”.

I love you too so much tatay and I miss you so bad. mwaaah :* !





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