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Why HIM ——>


A Simple Guy Next Door! (weee) Why “HIM” ,why “FROILAND JESS TAGATA“. Well He is a guy who Care’s you more than your father did. A guy whose there every time you need a friend,a boss, a brother, a father and  most of all a LOVER. He’s the one who makes your bad days better. The one who forget his self for your sake.

So why Him… 🙂 His in my life,In my dreams,In my heart I know that I belong with him and its true.Because of him, his the reason i became stronger and yet the reason of my weakness and now I can’t imagine what I’d do Without you. You’re the love of my life.


Why “HER”, why “CRISTINA VALLEJO“. That’s because she is “simple”.  A girl that when you were in her company you will feel more comfortable, she’s so lovely and sweet, she cares most more than a best friend. And she’s a girl who always reminds you that life is not easy and we’ll always accept the reality but if you are stick to each other there ain’t no difficulties (Listen to her reason, or she’ll make you feel her 🙂 )


Our story is not quite differ to others. The story goes like this….. 🙂

Pasinsya na kong tagLish ha  kasi mae.express ko yung feelings ko pag ganito. Mas ok  gani kong bisaya but its awkward kung bibisayahin ko diba. So I think ganito nlng.

Here we go….

I was a graphic artist that time at Lacharon T-shirt and Uniform  Outlet. Sa unang araw ng trabaho. There was a guy who caught my attention why? wala lamang syang ginawa just simply tatalong bigla mula sa taas where his post is. Nakakaguhat kaya yan lalo na napakamagugulatin pa naman ako. Nasa isip ko that time ” ksp “. He was a working student, a young cutter together with his father which is the Head Cutter of the said establishment. The next day he still continue doing it. Then nalaman ko the reason why he needs to jump kasi nagmamadali cya dahil may pasok pa siya, ganun naman pala! Im just over reacting.

One week after I was promoted as a Personnel Supervisor “daw” so I have to leaved LTOU and transfer to Carriaga Traders Mart. So I stop seeing him and meet new friends at my new work environment.  On my way to the store together with my co-worker ( sorry I didnt mention that we are stay -in employee that time), ahmm we were joking to each other likes sister tell I open up and said ” eh! regards unya ko sa inyo cutter didto ha! 🙂 ” the way I deliver it it was joke but it wasn’t the way I feel inside. Now the girl  had other intention to the young cutter as side of saying what I said she added asking his cellphone number. Because the young cutter heard that it was from me so he directly gave his cellphone number. Charrot!! hehehehe Joke! This Girl got his number from his father. Then they start exchanging conversation through texting. This Girl pretending that she’s me and this young cutter also expecting that her textmate was this beautiful sexy lady “me”. OMG! that are they doing,.. abah! abah! that Girl was using my name just to flirt to his crush. mygeed! it can’t be, it should be me. .. hehehehehehe..

Later on, the girl was so good and have a high respect from me as a supervisor and as her friend, she tell me that truth about using my name so I said just stop doing that and she did.

I spent almost three months at Carriaga as a Personnel Supervisor. I meet new friends and have a suitor that time. Their where two of them. So the feelings i have to the cutter eh napagliban ko muna. I focus on this two guys which me kilig that time. After that I was sent back to Lacharon as a I.T staff. So my table was on the second floor where that young cutter was. So I seen him everyday except when he was absent 🙂 ofcourse.

Sungog-sungog” where we started it all. Para hindi ako “mahawngan” I’ll go with the flow. Sinabayan ko na ang “Sungog-sungog” nila  the “oiyyy” , the ” hello”, the ” regards lng ko”, the “adto nka?” when he off to school. It was just for fun to me at time.

When days go by I notice myself looking at him, glancing at him, even thinking of him, missing of him every time he is absent. I didn’t notice that i was falling for him. I try to keep my feelings to him . But the faith was on our side. We start exchanging conversation to the young cutter. There was happiness inside me every time we did it,  every time I see him or even glance at him.

I don’t know what was the young cutter’s mind that time but he didn’t court me that time 😦 (nag expect pa naman ko 😦 hehehe ). Continuing  I enjoy every conversation we have. That time the young cutter was started courting me. I said NO… pakipOt pud ta panalagsa oi… hehehhe

             I thought that is was really over between us and the young cutter. But out love story was not end it was just starting :D. We start our conversation again and my kilig to him was grow and grow everyday. The young cutter was very romantic, all his messages is nakaka.inlove, I love playing the song He dedicate for me. I love re-reading all our conversations, He always make me smile everyday give me kilig his every text and every night call . I can’t describe exactly my feelings, the happiness I felt inside.

At MAY 25, 2010 it was tuesday around 9:30 o’clock pm I officially say Yes to him. We both so happy that I time I knew  it because i feel it. That young cutter is no other than Mr. Froiland Jess Tagata. And from the day that feeling we have was grow strong and stronger each day until now.


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